Created By: Alvin V. Williams

Written By: Alvin V. Williams and Jon Kohan

Director: Tammy Williams

Producers: Alvin V. Williams, Ceasar Richbow and Micheal Robinson
Status: Post-Production
Genre: Family, Kids
Tagline: Love comes in all forms. So does the God of Love.


For thousands of years, Cupid’s brother, Ernie has been sending arrows to the heart of people, creating the ultimate love connections just like his famous brother.  Ernie has grown bored of the same love connections and decides to leap down to earth and take on a child-like human form along with his trusted dog, Cerbie.  Ernie’s and Cerbie’s’s sudden appearance on earth, upsets a few people which leads Ernie & Cerbie to the investigative nose of Detective Myers. Detective Myers can’t find any history of Ernie and is puzzled by his sudden appearance and quietly launches an investgation on Erine & Cerbie.  With no home of record and no parents, Detective Myers takes, Ernie & Cerbie to the city’s Orphanage.  When Ernie & Cerbie arrive, Ernie now finds a new beginning for his magical arrows. Ernie and Cerbie is a fun loving magical adventure of bringing love to the life of a child, oh, and a lot of grown ups.

Love comes in all forms and no one knows this better than Ernie the Angel of Love. Tired of sitting by idly and only helping those with romantic love Ernie decides to shed his cupid ways and take human form at an orphanage to help connect children in need to adoptive parents. Ernie brings with him his dog Cerbie to protect him while he is in human form. Together he and Cerbie will help out children who have been orphaned or given up by their parents who are in need of a loving home. Ernie & Cerbie use their secret powers to help kids find great homes while maintaining his secret Cupid identity. Ernie and Cerbie is a heartwarming movie that proves that adopting a child in need can be the ultimate act of love.